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The Best Birthday Freebies for 2024 in Phoenix! Your Resource for Birthday Deals in the Phoenix Area.

Hello Sunshine! Originally used by 19th-century settlers as a hay camp that supplied horses at Fort McDowell, the Phoenix area now has over one million residents and boasts over 320 days of sunshine each year. That means that seldom will you find yourself celebrating your birthday in Phoenix under rain clouds. You'll find one free deal after another in this sunshine capital of Arizona, and the folks here at Yayday can help. Download the Yayday app and start staking your freebies before the day of your birthday comes rolling around.

Phoenix Birthday Freebies

Birthday Deal #1


Zales Diamond Store

  • Deal: $50 Off

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #2


Kendra Scott Jewelry

  • Deal: 50% OFF

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #3



  • Deal: Free Birthday Blowout

  • Value: $40

Birthday Deal #4


Edible Arrangements

  • Deal: Free Gift

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #5



  • Deal: Free Gift & In-Store Treatment

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #6


Black Angus Steakhouse

  • Deal: Free Steak Dinner

  • Value: $29

Birthday Deal #7



  • Deal: 25% Discount

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #8



  • Deal: BOGO Free Entree

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #9



  • Deal: Free Entree With Dessert & $15 Gift Certificate

  • Value: $30

See all of the 1839 birthday deals (and counting) in Phoenix. No account is needed. Yay!

Get Free Food on Your Birthday? Try These Free Birthday Meals!

What's better than getting free food on your birthday? Well, how about the entire month of your birthday? Try these free birthday meals! From fast food to casual dining, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure to register in advance.

Every Birthday is a Happy Birthday When it's a Freebie Birthday? Try These Free Meals and Free Desserts!

Let's start by tantalizing the senses! Some of Yayday's favorite go-to birthday freebies when it comes to birthday meals that are free on your birthday are Black Angus, Joe's Crab Shack, and Claim Jumper. Check these gems out.


Black Angus Birthday Freebie:

Get a FREE steak dinner with the purchase of any dinner entree on your first birthday after joining the Prime Club. Valid 1 week prior to and 3 weeks after birthday.


Joe'e Crab Shack Birthday Freebie: Informal seafood chain serving crab buckets & stuffed shrimp, plus American comfort dishes. Get a $25 reward on your birthday when you bring your Landry Select Club card.


Claim Jumper Birthday Freebie:

Ideal for celebrating special occasions, hosting a business lunch or gathering for a meal with friends and family. Get a $25 reward on your birthday when you bring your Landry Select Club card.


Phoenix birthday freebies.JPG
phoenix birthday freebie app.png

When you are Finished with Dinner, Pick Up Free Ice Cream at One of These Establishments.

The best way to follow up a freebie dinner is with a delicious freebie dessert. Here are a couple to tingle the tastebuds.


Cracker Barrel Birthday Freebie:

Receive a birthday dessert for free when you tell your server it's your birthday.


Chili's Birthday Freebie:

In the business of making people feel special. Celebrate your birthday with Chili's and get a FREE dessert!


Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Birthday Freebie:

Join Freddy's Rewards and get 500 points for free on your birthday! Enough for a free sundae or other yummy goodness!


Baskin Robbins Birthday Freebie:

Home to 31 flavors of ice cream. What's your flavorite? Join the birthday club and receive a FREE 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream and $3.00 off an ice cream cake.

Best Birthday Freebies You Can Get on your birthday in Phoenix.

With so many birthday freebies available on your birthday in Phoenix Arizona, it is hard to narrow it down to the best of the best. After all, it really depends on what you like to do. If it's eating, well... we got free food and desserts. If it's things to do, we have free admissions to popular attractions! If it's shopping (listen up all you ladies out there) we have fashion, beauty, shoes, home decor, and much, much more.


Our advice to you would be to download the Yayday app. By default the list is sorted by the most valuable deals near you.  The app is also (you guessed it) FREE! You can quickly and easily filter birthday deals and offers by category or keyword to make finding the best deals that suit you individually, as easy as a free piece of pie!

Phoenix birthday free fashion.JPG

Don't Forget To Register For Birthday Freebies You Want!

Phoenix birthday rewards.JPG

It's pretty rare that anything in life is free, If it is too good to be true then more often than not, it is. However, birthday freebies are the real deal, The only catch you will find is typically associated with those establishments which require you to register to receive their birthday offers. This typically requires your name, birth date, and email address. Providing this information will add you to become a VIP promotional member. It's wise to sign up in advance of your actual birthday so that they have time to implement you into their rewards programs as a rewards member. Once registered, and depending on the establishment, you will get an email with a birthday coupon entitling you to receive a free birthday gift. These coupons can be used on your birthday, prior to your birthday, or after your birthday depending on the redemption clause. We have found that while few businesses allow you to redeem these perks only one to two days before your birthday, most say you can use them during your birthday month, regardless of the day. With so many available birthday deals to redeem, having the full month of your birthday to redeem them, makes this a great opportunity. If you plan things out carefully enough, you can celebrate all month long with birthday freebies on each day! For the select few that require you to show your id to redeem their birthday offer on the day of your birthday, add those to the top of your list to use on your actual birthday. The rest you can sprinkle throughout the month.


Birthday Better with the free app.

Yayday is FREE and will always be free—because nobody wants to pay to get free stuff.

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