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Behind the fun

We’re here to help
you Birthday Better

Birthdays can be so much better. As we grow older we stop putting in the effort—outside of notable birthdays like 18, 21, and any new decade birthday. We only get so many rotations around the sun, so we’re here to make birthdays matter again. Every. Single. Birthday. Even if it falls on a Monday.


Our Leaders

We have an amazing team that hail from many great companies you all know. Engineering, design and great experiences are in our DNA.

Carrie Pierpoint

Co-founder + CEO

As a leader and entrepreneur with three kids, Carrie values working hard at growing a company while understanding the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.


Corey Ross


Corey Ross is a veteran banking and financial services executive with a long history of success managing sales and servicing financial services organizations. And he really, really likes birthdays.


Johnny Warren


Johnny puts it all together, technology, marketing, product and corporate operations to keep us all moving in the same direction with the right goals in mind.

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