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2024's best birthday freebies in Los Angeles. (Get free food and free stuff on your birthday)

West coast baby! There's nothing like it, we've seen the west coast battle/ east coast for decades. Especially in the music industry, all the way back to the Beach Boys, 2Pac, and beyond. But from the world of birthdays, it's a whole new level. We won't reveal which coast is the winner in this article but we will give you the inside info on some great freebies. Here are some great deals and rewards you can enjoy in the fun city of Los Angeles! From steep discounts on your favorite retail items, and things to do, to free meals and desserts. Regardless of how you like to celebrate, there are plenty of ways to #birthdaybetter in LA!

Los Angeles Birthday Freebies

Birthday Deal #1



  • Deal: $50 OFF

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #2



  • Deal: Free Birthday Blowout

  • Value: $40

Birthday Deal #3


The Exit Game

  • Deal: Free Escape Room Ticket

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #4


Edible Arrangements

  • Deal: Free Gift

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #5



  • Deal: Free Gift & In-Store Treatment

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #6


Benihana's Restaurant

  • Deal: $30 Gift Certificate

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #7



  • Deal: 25% Discount

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #8


Pottery Barn

  • Deal: $25 Reward

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #9


Joe's Crab Shack

  • Deal: $25 Reward

  • Value: $25

We found over 1,087 Birthday Deals In Los Angeles
Check 'em out here! No account needed. Yay! 

What is a Birthday Freebie?

A "birthday freebie" is a term for a complimentary gift or service that a business offers to customers to encourage them to visit or patronize their establishment on their birthday. The "freebie" may take the form of a discount, an upgrade, or a free product or service. To get freebies, you are typically required to provide proof of your birth date, such as a driver's license or passport, and / or sign up for the business's loyalty program or birthday club in order to get a free gift on your birthday. Once signed up, most companies will send you a coupon, or send you a free discount code several days before your birthday, on your birthday, or around your birthday. You can then take the information they send you to redeem your free birthday gift. It's important to remember to sign up for the mailing list at least a week or two before your birthday so you can receive everything in time to celebrate your birthday!

los angeles birthday freebies.JPG

But Who Wants to Waste Their Special Day Searching For How to Get Free Birthday Stuff?

If you're looking for birthday deals, the best way to find them is to use the app created by Yayday. The Yayday app will provide you a comprehensive list of birthday freebies available in the Los Angeles area. You can quickly find out what deals are available and where they are located in or around LA. The app will help you easily find where to go to get free food and desserts. So make the most of your birthday a grab your free birthday cake or ice cream sundae. You will find more birthday deals than you can take advantage of.

What Places Have the Best Birthday Freebies in Los Angeles for 2022?

There are many places in Los Angeles that give freebies on your birthday. Some examples include restaurants, cafes, stores, and online retailers. You can also find many activities such as skiing, bowling, waterparks, and so forth that allow you to redeem a free birthday offer. Many of these places will require you to sign up for their loyalty or rewards program in order to get free birthday stuff. However, it is definitely worth it to get a free item on your birthday!

los angeles birthday rewards donut.JPG

Your Birthday is a Time to Sprinkle Yourself and What Better Way Than with Free Food on Your Birthday?

Your birthday is a great time to treat yourself! And what better way to do that than with free food on your birthday? You can get a free birthday meal from a lot of places if you know where to look. For example, you can get a free grand slam breakfast on your birthday from Denny's or a free steak dinner from Outback Steakhouse if you sign up for their email list. You can also receive a birthday dessert from The Cheesecake Factory if you join their eClub before your birthday month. Plus, if you visit participating Häagen-Dazs locations on your birthday, you'll get two free scoops of ice cream! And if you're a Starbucks Rewards member, you'll also get a free slice of cake on your birthday. So be sure to sign up for these programs prior to your birthday so that you can take advantage of all the freebies! Whether it's a free slice of cake at your favorite restaurant or a complimentary entree at a new spot you've been wanting to try, free things on your birthday is always a welcome treat. So go ahead and indulge yourself – after all, it's your special day!

Free Birthday Pizza?

When it comes to free birthday food, Pizza tops our charts. If you're in Los Angeles, you're in luck, because there are plenty of pizza places that will give you a free meal on your birthday. One of our favorites is Big Mamas Papas Pizzeria. Head on down to their place and you'll get a free medium pizza. Or, if you've got a fetish for the famous boss sauce made exclusively by Sbarro's, pay them a visit to receive a free birthday slice of their extra-large New York Roman-style Pizza. All you have to do is sign up for their rewards program.

los angeles birthday free pizza.JPG
los angeles birthday rewards cupcake.JPG

Would You Like to Receive a Free Cupcake on Your Birthday?

Would you like to receive a free cupcake on your birthday? Sprinkles Cupcakes is the place to get a free dessert on your birthday. This is usually a small cupcake with sprinkles, but it's a nice birthday treat.

Looking For a Fun Activity To Do To Celebrate Your Birthday?

If you're looking for a fun activity, rather than food on your birthday, why not try something that gives you a free reward? For example, many amusement parks and ski resorts offer free tickets or a free lift ticket on your birthday.

los angeles birthday freebie amusement.JPG
happy birthday los angeles.JPG

In Conclusion... It's time to party 🎉

There are more than a few ways to get free stuff on your birthday in Los Angeles. Whether it's a free birthday treat or birthday reward, download Yayday, find your favorite deals, and pay them a visit on your birthday! It's fun, it's free, it's your birthday app to help you Birthday Better!


Birthday Better with the free app.

Yayday is FREE and will always be free—because nobody wants to pay to get free stuff.

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