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Free Birthday Freebies in Houston for 2024

Congrats Houston, you are the land of birthday freebies! According to our data, no other metro area in the USA has more freebies than you! Currently, we have over 2,600 locations around your great city. From Rosenberg to The Woodlands and College Station down to League City including everywhere in between, your birthday month could be packed with steakhouses, seafood, an appetizer, a burger, or deals like $50 off at Zales and 50% off at Kendra Scott Jewelry. Not to mention all the deals on things to do, make-up and experiences. We'll get into all of this "free"ness down below. If you've seen enough and just want the details, feel free to scoop up our app from the links above that way you can have your birthday cake and eat it too. If not, just read on and get ready to "birthday better".

Houston Birthday Freebies

Birthday Deal #1


Kendra Scott Jewelry

  • Deal: $50% OFF

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #2



  • Deal: Free Birthday Blowout

  • Value: $40

Birthday Deal #3



  • Deal: Free Gift & In-store Treatment

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #4


Benihana's Restaurant

  • Deal: $30 Gift Certificate

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #5



  • Deal: $50 OFF

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #6


Edible Arrangements

  • Deal: Free Gift

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #7


Morton's Steakhouse

  • Deal: $25

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #8


Grotto Ristorante

  • Deal: $25 Reward

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #9


La Griglia

  • Deal: $25 Reward

  • Value: $25

Get Over 2100 Birthday Freebies In Houston

Where Can You Get Birthday Freebies In Houston?

With over 2600 locations around the Houston Metro, you can be in just about any part of the area and find treats, birthday gifts, or wine and dine yourself. While the deals are mostly centered around the restaurant industry, we've done our best to bring you deals of all kinds. You'll see more than just Red Robin or Baskin Robbins in our app. Depending on your location we have parasailing, sky diving, skiing, and hundreds of more deals to help you celebrate your birthday over your entire birthday month.


Where to Get Free Breakfast on Your Birthday

If you're going to birthday hard all day long, you've gotta get a good start with breakfast. You can find the always popular pancake houses like IHOP or Denny's on our map or if a caffeinated approach is more your style, Dunn Bros Coffee and Starbucks are a couple of options.

Best Free Birthday Meals in Houston

So many to choose from! Sometimes the hardest part of our job is picking out the best deals, thankfully in the Yayday app, we have a "favorite" button so you can save your faves as you scroll down the list. In the Houston area, there are over 915 birthday meal deals! We're going to call out a couple for you here. If you're a Landry's Select Club member, they'll kick in $25 at their restaurants to help you with the celebration. They have steakhouses, seafood houses, and themed locations like the Aquarium Restaurant to give you multiple options and venues to choose from. Some of these may require a reservation and we've got the nitty-gritty details in the app. If Pizza is your go-to, Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen will give you a free one to congratulate you on traveling all the way around the Sun again. Did you know you travel 584,000,000 miles every year around that glorious ball of fire? Free pizza seems worth the journey to us.

houston texas birthday freebie meal.JPG
houston entertainment birthday freebie.JPG

Entertainment Birthday Freebies

Are you not entertained? Don't worry Maximus, we can help. Unless your bday goal is to eat yourself into a coma, and hey you do you, but there's a lot more than just eating. Depending on your age we've got some great things to do for you! Kiddos 14 and under can head to the Build-A-Bear workshop for your "pay your age" deal. Let's clear that up, a 5-year-old would pay just $5, and a 9-year-old would pay $9 to build their bear. Cleaver deal! Dave & Busters fans can grab $10 in gameplay, and for those that like to chill at home for their day, grab your free DVD rental from Redbox.

How to Get Free Birthday Clothes

We all know that in order to get free stuff on your birthday that most establishments ask you to join a birthday club, loyalty program, or register for a rewards program to get your complimentary gift. We've collected all that info and put in the details in the Yayday app. If it's clothing, beauty supplies something similar for your special day we have filters in the app to show you all the deals when your birthday rolls around. Just click the filter button on the search bar and select shopping.

houston birthday clothes shopping freebies.JPG
houston beauty birthday freebies.JPG

Free Birthday Stuff From Beauty Companies

We've got the info on Drybar, Bluemercury, Boot Barn, MAC Cosmetics, and Aveda just to name a few. Generally, you need to sign up a while before your birthday in order for these companies to get you on their lists. When your birthday month comes they will send you an email, coupon, or notice that your gift is ready. To help you out we've added a deal filter on our search bar, hit the filter button, and then select beauty.

Did we Miss any Birthday Freebies and Deals in Houston?

With over 200,000 deals in our app, we've searched high and low but occasionally we miss a deal. If you find a free gift, dessert, activity, or some other birthday discount, help us help others, and fill out the form at the bottom of our Yayday homepage. We'll be eternally grateful, heck we may even reach out and ask if we can join your next party, yes we'd bring a gift, but only if you filled out your wishlist in the Yayday app.

houston birthday deals.JPG
how to get birthday freebies.JPG

What is a Birthday Freebie?

Well if you've made it this far down the page and are wondering what all this freebie stuff is about we'll explain here. Better late than never, right? Businesses love to help you celebrate your big day. The way many of them do this is by giving you something every year during your birthday. As you've seen above we've mentioned a few Houston restaurants that deliver on this and it could be a free appetizer or entree, gift cards, or free dessert on your birthday. Other businesses will send you a coupon to redeem for something in their stores. Some locations' freebies or discounts are only eligible on your birthday, while others give you six or seven days and some even give you your entire birthday month to come in. Most deals do require you to signup for a rewards program or membership and while you can usually sign up for free, you have to sign up well in advance. We have also found hundreds of locations across the states that have no catch at all and we love those. Just walk in, say hey it's my birthday! Ok, go out there and enjoy that birthday party for us!




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