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Looking for the best Birthday Freebies in Denver? We've got over 1,500 of them for 2024! Let's start with a few Restaurants that give you free birthday Meals or Free Food on your birthday.

If you're looking for the best birthday freebies in Denver, let's start with the restaurants that give you free birthday meals or free food on your birthday. Many popular restaurants offer this perk to their loyal customers, so it's definitely worth checking out your favorite spot to see if they have any special offers on your big day. In addition to free food, some restaurants also offer other birthday freebies like discount coupons or complimentary desserts. So whether you're looking for a free meal or just a little something extra, be sure to check out the birthday deals at your favorite Denver restaurants. We've already listed a few up above but here are a few more birthday freebies. By the way, all the others are in our app! Check it out.

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How about a $30 gift certificate to get things rolling here?  One of the more valuable freebies for free food is at Benihana. It's not just a meal, it's an experience. At The Cheesecake Factory, you can enjoy a free slice of cheesecake on your birthday when you sign up for their eClub. If you're a fan of breakfast check out IHOP and get a free stack of pancakes on your birthday when you join the Pancake Revolution (it's free to join!). If your answer to the question of cake or ice cream is ice cream, then check out Cold Stone Creamery. Join the My Cold Stone Club and get a buy one get one free creation coupon on your birthday.

See all of the 1,203 birthday deals (and counting) in Denver. No account needed. Yay!

Denver Birthday Freebies

Birthday Deal #1


Massage Luxe

  • Deal: Steep Discount on Massage or Facial

  • Value: $65

Birthday Deal #2



  • Deal: $50 OFF

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #3


Kendra Scott Jewelry

  • Deal: 50% OFF

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #4



  • Deal: Free Birthday Blowout

  • Value: $40

Birthday Deal #5


Denver Zoo

  • Deal: Free Admission

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #6


Benihana's Restaurant

  • Deal: $30 Gift Certificate

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #7


Edible Arrangements

  • Deal: Free Gift

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #8



  • Deal: 25% Discount

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #9


Simms Steakhouse

  • Deal: $25 Reward

  • Value: $25

We've got more than just food freebies! Try these deals on your birthday. Here's a list of the best free stuff, deals, and gifts, we've found in Denver stores and venues.

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One of our faves is the Free Admission to the Denver Zoo. That's a pretty wild reward! Some deals are all about the discount vs being totally free but they still offer a great value. One that we're a fan of is the discount offered at Massage Luxe. Save up to $65 on a massage or facial! That's what we call birthday love! Here's another great adventure as a birthday gift in the CO area. Joyful Journey Hotsprings wants to celebrate you on the anniversary of your birth with free access to the pools! This one is only available on the day of your birthday, however many of our deals you can get free stuff your entire birthday month!

If you're not feeling hungry on your birthday, don't worry - there are plenty of great freebies to be had! Check out our list of the best free stuff, deals, and gifts in Denver stores. From discounts on your favorite products to free beauty services, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So take advantage of these birthday freebies and enjoy your special day!


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Enjoy these retail and entertainment freebies on your birthday

Before we wrap this up for our 2022 birthday freebie list, let's chat about some shopping! How about deals from Coach, Zales, Kendra Scott Jewelry, Pottery Barn or even Boot Barn? These locations offer some serious discounts! Make sure you check all the details out in our app, we've got over 200,000 valid offers, with all those little details you need to know like how to sign up, how to join a company's rewards program, or even where you can just show up and say it's your birthday and get a freebie!

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