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Tis the ski-son for ski gifts

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

There are those that hibernate all winter and there are those who come alive when the corduroy is laid. Snow lovers are a unique group with traditions and lingo all their own, which can make them hard to buy for. Fortunately, we’ve found some great gifts that will put you inside the trust circle of any powder hound. But first, here’s a quick bit of wisdom on what NOT to buy: We recommend shying away from anything that has to be custom-fitted; specifically boots, boards, skis, and poles to name a few.

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And now, the fresh(ies) list:

The Anon Men's M4 Perceive Goggle Toric and MFI Face Mask is one of the best on the market. The quick swap magnetic attachment of different lenses depending on conditions is a game changer. Our only unanswered question is how hard do you have to crash to yardsale the lens? So far we can’t find anyone who’s done it. $309:

Anon Men's M4 Perceive Goggle Toric


Other than a ride down in a toboggan the worst thing that can happen on the mountain is stolen gear. Here’s an inexpensive fix to help keep your gear in your possession $15: Ski lock

Bosvision Ski Lock birthday gift idea


Despite living in a digital world, magazines are still in. One of the best for skiers is Ski Magazine. Get ‘em an annual subscription for just $36. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long. Depending on your relationship, maybe have a little fun with their name on the subscription.

Ski Magazine gift ideas for skiers


Skiers and boarders love to dream about hitting perfect runs and conditions. Here’s some serious eye candy in hardback form to encourage those dreams. $70: Greatest ski runs on the planet

Greatest ski runs on the planet book


Wet feet and hands suck! Be the hero with this portable boot and glove dryer $55

portable boot and glove dryer birthday ideas for skiers


This one is for the person who lives and breathes ski resorts. The Man Behind The Maps book encompasses 30 years of painstaking work by James Neihues as he hand paints the world's most iconic ski areas. A treasure for the lifetime skier. $99

world's most iconic ski areas


If your powder pal has a condo on the hill, these two gifts are a great way to help with the theme and relax after a long day of making turns. We especially love the sloping ski glasses but the ski wine rack is a must-have for obvious reasons.

$60: Sloping ski glasses

shot glasses for skiers


$60: Ski wine rack

Ski wine rack for ski resorts and condos


And more to round out the options: $150: Ski tuning kit

ski tuning kit birthday gift



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