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Payday Giveaway

Get paid just for using the Yayday app!

Each month, we will be giving away a box full of cash to a lucky Yaydayer. All you have to do is add friends within the friends tab, or add gifts to your Wishlist! Each friend or gift add is an entry into our monthly drawing to win!


How to Add Friends

Every friend you add within the app is an entry into our monthly drawing for a box full of cash! Not sure how to add friends? No worries, just follow the easy steps below.


Step 1

Go to the 'Friends' tab within our app.


Step 3

If they already have an account, their name will appear within the list. Tap their name.


Step 2

Search for your friend within the search bar above.


Step 4

Tap 'Add Friend' in the upper right corner. Presto!


Send an Invite

If you can't find them, type their name in the search bar and tap the 'Send invite' button. This will allow you to share the app with them and others via your choice of platform (text, email, social).


How to Add Gifts

Every gift you add to your Wishlist is also an entry into our monthly drawing for a box full of cash! Unsure how to add gifts to a Wishlist? No worries, just follow the steps below.

First: Create a Wishlist


Step 1

Go to the 'My Wishlist' tab within our app.


Step 2

If you haven't already, create a Wishlist by tapping 'Start Creating'


Step 3

Fill out all of the necessary info to create your Wishlist and tap 'Save.'

How to Add Gifts Online


Step 1

Go to your favorite online store (Amazon, Target, etc.) and tap on your desired gift.


Step 3

Now find the Yayday app within the share preferences that appear and tap it.


Step 2

Find the 'Share' icon and tap it. The icon typically looks like an outbound arrow.


Step 4

Select the Wishlist you want to save it to from the dropdown and hit 'Save.'


Add Gifts Manually


Step 1

Tap on your newly created Wishlist tile.


Step 3

Select which method you'd like to add your gift with.


Step 2

Tap the '+' symbol within the Add gift tile.


Step 4

Once you've added a gift and the info looks correct, tap 'Save.'


Win the Cash

After successfully adding friends or gifts or both, you'll be entered to win the cash! Just remember, every friend or gift add is an entry into our monthly drawing!

For more info read our Terms & Conditions

Congrats to Yayday Payday Winners


Sylvia M.


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Yayday is FREE and will always be free—because nobody wants to pay to get free stuff.

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