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New York City Baby! The 2024 birthday deal list is here!

Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Yankees, Lady Liberty, and according to our data, the 2nd most birthday freebies in the nation. Birthdays in NYC can be anything the mind imagines, from shopping at Bloomingdales on the Upper Eastside to fine French cuisine at L'Abeille in Tribeca, by the way, be sure to try the foie gras crème brûlée for a real birthday treat. 

nyc birthday a.JPG

New York City Birthday Freebies

Birthday Deal #1


Kendra Scott Jewelry

  • Deal: 50% Off

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #2


Kendra Scott Jewelry

  • Deal: 50% OFF

  • Value: $50

Birthday Deal #3



  • Deal: Free Birthday Blowout

  • Value: $40

Birthday Deal #4


Benihana's Japanese Restaurant

  • Deal: $30 Gift

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #5



  • Deal: Free Gift & In-Store Treatment

  • Value: $30

Birthday Deal #6


MAC Cosmetics

  • Deal: Free Gift

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #7



  • Deal: Up to 30% Discount

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #8


Strip House

  • Deal: $25 Reward

  • Value: $25

Birthday Deal #9


Morton's Steakhouse

  • Deal: $25 Reward

  • Value: $25

We found over 814 Birthday Deals In NYC!
Check 'em out here! No account needed. Yay! 

Onto the Free Stuff

If you’re starting the bday celebrations early, there are a number of caffeinated freebies across the city. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Argo Tea have bday deals to take advantage of. Not to mention the breakfast faves like IHOP, Krispy Kreme, or Denny's. Eateries of every kind have a rewards program that usually involves a birthday perk or freebie.

nyc breakfast freebies.JPG
nyc freebie massage.JPG

Midday Free Activities...

Midday birthday activities with bday deals include free tanning at Beach Bum and enhanced therapies at Massage Envy among others. Get yourself something new for the night out at Kendra Scott Jewelry with 50% off your purchase. Mid-afternoon is often a good time for a pick-me-up as well. You can grab a smoothie at Smoothie King, Orange Julius, or Jamba Juice to name a few.

Into The Night

One of our faves to get the party started is at KeyBar in the East Village. Give KeyBar a shot, and receive free shots! This East Village dive bar is renowned for its six-hour plus happy hours. Order a round of any shots and get the same number of shots of your choice. 


Dinner deals abound in every corner of the boroughs. $30 off at Benihana’s, $25 at Morton’s Steak House or get a birthday surprise at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

nyc night birthday deals.JPG
nyc birthday deals.JPG

List of New York Birthday Freebies

You want a list? You can't handle the list! That's right Colonel Jessup, our list is huge, there are over 1000 deals in the New York area alone. If you spent 27 seconds reading about each of the freebies and deals in our list it would take over 7 hours to reach the bottom. But here's the good news. We've created a sortable and filterable list in our Yayday app for you. Looking for shopping or retail deals? Hit that filter button on our search bar and then select "shopping". Birthdays often involve desserts of some kind and just hitting that dessert filter makes them all magically appear. We're here to help you "birthday better" and celebrate with free food, ice cream, and makeup from Sephora. Oh and it's not all about getting a burger or burrito, we'll show you plenty of things to do as well. You don't even have to write them down, just hit that cute little heart button in the app. Once the confetti flies across the screen, we've got it saved in your faves.

How Can I Take Advantage of the Situation to Get Free Stuff on My Birthday Here?

Ever heard that saying, "it's not what ya know, it's who ya know?" Well hey there friends, now you know us here at Yayday and we are that special somebody who knows all the insider info for people who love getting free stuff around your birthday. Did you know many deals don't even require you to come in on the day of your birthday? We'll show you all that in the app, but many places that have a birthday offer give you up to 30 days to celebrate and redeem the deal. Here's our recommendation to have a killer, free fest on your bday. Grab our app a couple of months before your special day. Scroll and search to find everything that looks good to you and pay attention to the details such as how far in advance you need to sign up and if you need reservations etc.

new york birthday freebies.JPG
nyc birthday reward program.JPG

Who Cares if You Have to Sign Up for an Email Newsletter or Two

Well, that is a loaded question! We don't all enjoy getting emails year-round in our inbox, but if you're looking for freebies, most businesses do require you to become a club member or insider to get their free birthday meal. However, we're thinkers here at the Yayday world headquarters and have a little solution for you. If you're interested in finding deals with no catch at all, as in just show up, say it's your big day and reap the rewards, we have a filter in the app called "No Catch" and that's where the magic happens. We'll show you as many freebies as possible in your area that match that search and you get no emails. Win, Win!


Birthday Better with the free app.

Yayday is FREE and will always be free—because nobody wants to pay to get free stuff.

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